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At Gig-n-Gear we offer audio equipment to suit any needs you may have. Whether you are a DJ playing at parties, a band playing at weddings or an event planner looking for karaoke, we have the equipment and experience to offer you the equipment you need.

Gig-n-Gear carry equipment from a large range of manufacturers.

Our audio products are wide and varied and we can offer you whatever products you may need. We work hard to ensure that the products we offer are from well know, reputable manufacturers, ensuring that the equipment you purchase is reliable and of high quality. Some of the audio equipment we offer includes:

  • Speakers – Powered and passive speakers to suit any DJ, band or event. Or brands include DAS, JBL, DAP Audio and more.
  • Amplifiers – We can offer you amplifiers to suit your existing equipment. Our range includes Crown and DAP Audio to name a few.
  • Mixers – From small 2 channel DJ mixer to large band and live mixers we have them all. We can offer you a mixer to suit your needs including DAP Audio, Soundcraft and more.
  • CD Players – We offer single and twin professional CD players from the best know manufacturers in the world including Denon, DAP audio and more.
  • Flight cases – We offer flight cases to ensure all of your equipment is safe during transport and storage.

Whatever your sound requiements may be, whether you are a beginner looking for a setup or a band or DJ looking to expand we draw on our experience to tailor a solution to meet your needs and budget.

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