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Lighting plays an important part of any show, party or event. At Gig-n-Gear we stock some of the best lighting products available on the market today from some of the worlds best manufacturers.

Gig-n-Gear carry a large stock of lighting products.

Lighting products are constantly changing with new technology and effects being released almost weekly. We work hard to ensure we offer you the latest and best effects available, allowing you to stay at the cutting edge of the market. Whether you are looking for some par cans for your band, some twister for a DJ or a new laser system, Gig-n-Gear can offer you the products and support you need to ensure your lighting show is amazing! Some of the audio equipment we offer includes:

  • Par Can lighting – Traditionally used on stage and live events we can offer you par cans to suit any event you may have. Latest par cans now use LED as a light source and at Gig-n-Gear we keep stock of a wide range of these from Par 36 up to Par 64 to suit all budgets.
  • Dance floor/Effect lighting – From moon flower effects, now available with LEDs, to moving heads, scanners and DMX controllers, Gig-n-Gear can build a custom lighting solution to suit your needs and your budget. Whether you are a DJ, band or live event we can build a lighting system to suit.
  • Laser systems – Gig-n-Gear offer a large range of laser system to meet any requirements you may have. We have star effect lasers, cartoon lasers and beam show lasers to cater for anything from 50 to 500 people. Whatever your vent, party or need we can offer you a stunning laser system to suit.

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