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Our effects products can help add an extra element, that Wow! Factor to any event or party. At Gig-n-Gear we offer a comprehensive range of effects, as well as all of the control equipment and consumables you may need to run them!

Gig-n-Gear stock many different effects types.

Depending on your event or party we can help you decide on the effect that will help your party stand out from the crowd. Some of the effects equipment we offer includes:

  • Smoke and haze machine – to help your lighting show stand out we can offer you smoke and haze machines. We stock numerous sizes and styles of machines at all times.
  • Bubble machines – We stock bubble machines to help add an extra element to your parties and events.
  • Consumables – We always stock the things you will need to keep your effects going such as smoke fluid, haze fluid and more.

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