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Gig-n-Gear carry a wide range of accessories to help any band or DJ complete their setup. From gaffa tape, to mic cables and DMX controllers we have whatever accessories you may need. Accessories are often the final element of any setup, and more often than not it can be hard to find what you need. At Gig-n-Gear this is not the case. Our huge range of experience means we know what cables go with what, how things are connected together and how things work. This allows us to ensure that we always carry the accessories and kit you might need. Included in our range of accessories are things such as headphones and microphones, essentials for any DJ, and DMX lighting controller for the more adventurous DJs and bands lighting setups.

Cables and connectors are all available form Gig-n-Gear.

Some of the accessories we offer include:

  • Headphones – A wide range of headphones from beginner to seasoned professional.
  • Microphones – From the industry standard Shure microphones to budget and entry level microphones to radio and wireless microphones we have microphones to suit any band, DJ or event.
  • Cables and connectors – We always carry a large stock of cables. Speaker cables, microphone cables and DMX cables all make up part of our comprehensive cable range. We also carry cables to connect your amplifiers to your mixer, instruments and more.

If you need a specific accessory for your setup please contact us and let us know and our experienced staff will source it for you.

Call or email us today for more information.